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My name is Gianni Gasparetto, trader and art lover.

My life has always been divided between these 2 passions… finance and art, in all its forms.

I have a background as an advertising graphic designer, I studied architecture and my passions range from design to architecture, from painting to sculpture to photography… and then music. I love listening to it and playing it. From the age of 8 I started playing the piano, then at 12 I added the alto saxophone and finally at university, self-taught, I started playing the guitar. Today I do some club gigs together with the heavenly voice of Angela, my life partner.

And then there is finance, a passion that is born in you and that I have been following assiduously since 2004, turning it into a profession.
I worked with hedge fund managers and was a partner in a Swiss trust company.
I am currently interested in psychology applied to finance, stocks in the Biopharma sector and Italian stocks listed mainly on the AIM